While many outdoor products start as a CAD drawing on a computer in some design firm, the idea for every Omni-Wool item starts with an outdoor enthusiast on the trail, on the slopes, and in the mountains. Nothing against computers, we just think the place to start designing merino wool products is where they function the best – in the great outdoors.

Established in Northwest Arkansas and the beautiful foothills of the Ozarks, Omni-Wool represents the very best in merino wool products. Each Omni-Wool product is designed, tested, re-designed, and re-tested for extreme comfort, durability, excellent fit, breathability, and outdoor functionality. When we love it, it's ready to introduce into the outdoor market.

If you're looking for merino wool products that exceed your outdoor expectations, look to Omni-Wool: Merino wool engineered for your next adventure.